As always I hope you are safe and well. Further to my last email, I wanted to write again in light of the legislation that has now been put in place in Wales and England and what that means for us all.

As from 18:00 on Friday (4th December 2020) people will be able to travel between Wales and England’s tier one and two areas. This is a marked change in the policy that has until now only allowed travel to our accommodation from within Wales.

The new system of English tiers which is now in force is due to be in place until 2nd February 2021. There are a series of review points within this period (in terms of which areas fall within which tier); the first of which is on 16th December. The restrictions themselves will be reviewed by 30th December. Given these regular reviews and the potential for change, we shall continue to work with our guests on a rolling 14 day basis in order to ensure that we are always working to the latest information and regulations.

As you will have seen, all of the UK nations are allowing a ‘Christmas Bubble’ period where the current restrictions are relaxed such that up to three households can meet anywhere within the UK between 23rd - 27th December. We had been working towards such a situation and had already put in place the necessary measures to allow ‘short breaks’ to be booked to cover these few days. It is extremely positive to be able to report that we are already seeing a significant step up in enquiries for these few days and we expect that demand to continue as people come out of lockdown and look more closely at their Christmas arrangements in light of the new regulations.

We will be contacting all guests travelling into Wales from the relevant tiers with imminent arrivals in order to manage their bookings. Guests from Tier 1 areas will be bound by the no mixed households rule still in place in Wales and guests from Tier 2 are only allowed single households wherever they travel to. The Christmas Bubble period will lift these restrictions across the UK to allow up to three households to mix between 23rd - 27th December.