Cader Idris (Cadair Idris)
via Pony Path

(Fox Path also described)

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The summit of Cader Idris



Directions (Pony Path)

Ty Nant (690152) Car par - turn right - SW direction. Left at footpath through gate beside telephone booth. There is a stream on the right of the track. Go through a kissing gate and over a footbridge crossing at the confluence of two streams. Follow the path uphill through thin woodland. At the yellow arrow (on a log) turn half-right and continue uphill. Go through a kissing gate and over another bridge. The path is well maintained and the views get better as you climb. Soon the cliffs of Cader Idris (Cadair Idris) come into view to the left. Climb to a dry stone wall and go through a gate (good view of cliffs to the left).

From here the slope eases off for while and the path is grassy. Cross a stream, go through another gate and follow the path up beside a wall and through another gate. Now the path begins climbing towards the ridge, where zigzags soften the steepness of the climb. Go round a large erratic boulder, after which you have just six zigzags to negotiate before reaching the top of this section. Cross a ladder stile at 691135 and turn left along a gravel track.

Directions (continued)

The path from here is marked by a line of cairns but the path itself is being increasingly improved with stones laid by the National Park authority. At the top of this section the path comes close to the cliff edge then levels off before the final scramble to the summit.

Return by the same route unless conditions are ideal, in which case you may like to try the shorter, but much steeper, Fox Track (with extreme caution).

Fox Track

This is a very steep path, with lots of loose stones. Only use it in ideal conditions and treat it with great caution.

Come off the summit in an easterly direction and turn left (NW) at 713132 to follow a steep path down the ridge heading between two tarns. This is a treacherous section and should not be attempted in poor conditions. Great care is needed as the path (such as it is) is on loose stones that easily fall away. Continue down to the side of the tan on the left and follow the path to the outflow of the tarn. After leaving Cwm Gader the path turns right and passes close to the other tarn (Lyn Gadr). Cross the stream below Lyn Gadr and continue along an ill-defined path heading to the left of a promontory ahead. Cross several streams and beware of marshy ground. Follow the twist and turns of the path and through a gap in a stone wall.



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You come to a broader path leading down into the valley, through two gates and on down to a farm. Turn right at the "Private" notice and continue on the path until it comes to a stile crossing onto the road opposite Gwernan Lake Hotel. Turn left and follow the road back to the car park.